Cheliax remains one of the most powerful nations on Golarion. Its Imperial Navy controls the entrance to the Inner Sea, and its traders reach across the lands of the known world to bring back exotic items and rarities. The Chelish nobility are treacherous and manipulative, as one might expect diabolists to be, always maneuvering for position in the eyes of the Thrune court.

The state-sponsored worship of Asmodeus ensures that citizens voice their subservience to Hell, though their true allegiance might lie elsewhere. Chelaxians have become untrusting and insular, and sell each other to Asmodean inquisitors or the Hellknights without a moment’s hesitation. Cheliax enforces an absolute discipline of law and order, and what would be considered vices in other countries are merely highly taxed businesses here.

Of all the enemies the pirates of The Shackles have, Cheliax is their most deadly and dogged. Still reeling from the loss of Sargava through the actions of the The Free Captains, Cheliax have come at the pirates of The Fever Sea over and over again but without victory.

Aside from the loss of the treasure that is Sargava, many Chelish ships carrying wealth and artifacts from the Mwangi have been plundered and sunk by the scoundrels of the Shackles. However, even the most fiercest pirate captain would hesitate if a Chelish War Galleon appeared on the horizon.


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