“Slaves, ev’ry one of ya! Any Shackles pirate’s worth ten o’ you poxy devils, an’ ev’ry Free Captain commandin’ a sloop’ll keep sailin’ circles around any bloated Chelish frigate you send at us. We’ll go on raidin’ yer sea lanes, stealin’ yer silver coins with Abrogail’s pouty gob stamped on them, an’ we’ll cart it all back home, where we’ll sing an’ drink ’til the sea swallows us all! I’m ready to do my dance with Besmara; no regrets for a life lived free on the waves. The worms’ll be better company than you ugly, dung-eating devil’s slaves anyway!”

—Last words spoken by Free Captain Wilihem Wache,
moments before his public hanging in Macini for piracy

Skull & Shackles: Tales of the Fever Sea

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